Mind Heart Connect Event

Inspiration in a bottle to support this wonderful event coming up May 5-7 on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Last chance to get tickets is NOW …¬†http://www.mindheartconnect.com/

I was reminded of how much I was influenced by Dr Joe Dispenze the last time I saw him in Sydney as I re-read an old Combardis blog post …. ‘The people who have positive changes in their health have also changed their thinking’.

Be in the presence of Dr Joe Dispenza, Australia’s Dr Peta Stapleton leading clinical research at Bond University in the area of EFT/tapping, Dr Lori Leydon – doing amazing work in the field of EFT in Rwanda, and many more incredible speakers who are helping global healing on so many levels.

We are delighted to have created a mist especially for the event and will be both attending the event and exhibiting our beautiful mists and wellbeing kits.

Combardis Aromatic Mists originated to assist in inspiring positive thoughts and emotions. By using a beautiful essential oil blend mindfully the benefits of the essential oils are magnified.

A simple mindful exercise is to spray the mist over your body and personal space, breathe the scent in deeply and then repeat a simple positive affirmation. By using the mist in regular mindful ritual you will be engaging in positive thoughts and subsequent positive emotions.Positive emotions = happy and healthy life. ūüôā



What is your Anchor?

We all know the power of the mind and the importance of positive thoughts to create our reality.

However to expect that our thoughts will always be positive is quite unrealistic. In fact we need to experience negative emotions to allow ourselves to dig deeper into our underlying thoughts and feelings in an attempt to learn more about ourselves and how we can learn and evolve.

When a painful thought, experience or memory comes up we can use an anchor to help acknowledge the situation and then bring our awareness to a place of mindfulness.

What are the anchors you use on a daily basis to bring you back to the present moment or to stay focussed on a goal?

The breath is a reliable anchor as is doing a 1 minute body scan.

We can also engage our senses . . . an essential oil aromatic mist is a wonderfully reliable anchor – it works as a mindfulness tool yet delivers the benefits of pure essential oils.

By repeating an affirmation we also work to bring about new positive thought patterns.


Find an anchor that works for you when the wind of mindlessness blows.


Using essential oils with intention

Intention is the practice of holding in our minds that which we desire in the physical world. To make intention work for you, you don’t need to be a Buddhist, a Taoist, or a mystic. You only need to recognise that anything is possible, that the mind-body connection is a powerful one.

The universe is malleable and flowing and is in a constant state of change. If you believe in the possibility of change you can make intention work for you. Intention is simply a tool that can bring about change. With clear intent we can be more deliberate in our behaviour to achieve a desired result.

The use of essential oils together with intention is a very powerful combination and can restore balance and harmony to your body and life. The ‘living energy’ of a scent can invigorate your intention.

Affirmations are statements we can use with intention. Words are powerful and when used with intention or mindfulness have the ability to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons.

Each Combardis Aromatic Mist is sealed with an affirmation. If the affirmation resonates with you, repeat it daily whilst using the mist (or as often as your desire).

To use the mist, spray the mist lightly over the crown of your head and body breathe it in deeply.

Even when the scent has passed the positive effects of the essential oils will linger.

Practice as a morning ritual and notice the effect it has on your day.




New Year, New Beginnings, New You

A new calendar year always offers us fresh energy to create something new especially in a universal number 1 year!

May the year ahead bring endless possibilities, inspirations and fulfillment. A magical time to set intentions, commit to the daily routines that will serve you well and be ready to manifest all that you desire!

Support your newly formed rituals and intentions with a personally selected essential oil mist or selection of mists. Go ahead and create your reality.

If you are looking for an opportunity to join like minded people and create your foundation for the best year yet please take a look at the link below for an uplifting and totally engaging 4 day retreat with Stevie Rose. Learn key strategies for achieving all that you desire and be guided through powerful daily meditations in a blissful environment.



The art of Christmas gift giving

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ¬†-Mother Theresa

It’s that time of year again where we start thinking about the festive season and gift giving. This can bring feelings of excitement and joy or complete overwhelm!!

Undoubtedly, we all love to give¬†gifts, the gift of giving is as important as receiving, however if you are like me you can get to this time of year and think I can’t really imagine having more “things” in my house. I don’t want to sound ungrateful or diminish gift giving in any way however sometimes we end up with so much more than we really ‘need’.

With this in mind I’m approaching this Christmas with the idea of replacing some of the more traditional gifts¬†with something more thoughtful and meaningful. These may be gifts of experience, adventure, time, gifts to charities or opportunities to just ‘be’.

I’d love to think that Combardis fits the category of thoughtful and meaningful ‘gifts’. Gifts that show you have thought about someone and provide an opportunity to inspire the positive. A¬†gift that may be used in mindful ritual to bring about a sense of lightness and wellbeing. At Combardis we also give back to the community and support charitable organisations working to make a difference in the world.

When buying gifts I choose to support small, sustainable businesses and local crafters and makers who put love and care into all that they do. In this way we can help enrich the lives of others also.

Keep in mind though, gifts of time and love are truly all we need and they don’t cost a thing. ūüôā

Happy Festive season!


Super Moon

It’s¬†time to Clear, Cleanse, Create and Celebrate under the immense full moon tonight. A super moon – the first of its kind in 68 years.

CLEAR . . . drop negativity and radiate positivity, consciously let go of things that no longer serve you . . . Write it down, visualise, meditate, mist your body with Purify Mist and let it go . . . CLEANSE  . . .  swim, bathe, use a sage smudge stick, visualise any negative vibes dissolving  .  .  .  CREATE  . . .  use positive affirmations and your favourite Combardis Mist to create a space of manifestation and joy РAbundant Life or Highest Potential will do!  . . .  CELEBRATE  . . . Give yourself a high five!

“I welcome in new, positive energy and graciously release all that no longer serves me”.

Inspiration 🙏 ¬†Emma Mildon


The Entrepreneur’s Retreat with Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel is a Lifestyle and Mindset Coach and Author of the Amazon #1 Secret Mums Business – Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

If you are a busy female entrepreneur this retreat is an opportunity to invest in the most important aspect of your business – YOU!!!

The Entrepreneur’s Retreat challenges what you think you know about your business and shows you how to approach things from a completely different perspective.

I am so thrilled to be joining Angela as a Guest Presenter during the retreat!!! We will share information on how you can incorporate simple self care rituals into your day and you will have the opportunity to create a signature mist especially for you.

Recently I joined Angela in conversation as part of her Podcast series “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Business”. We had a great chat about the power of essential oils to support the mind and body and the importance of self care. You may find it recorded at …. ¬†Angela Counsel Podcast

For more information on this restorative retreat that will help you create the lifestyle and business of your dreams ¬†….¬†click here

I hope to see you at the magical Billabong Retreat setting!!

With love,


Using Combardis mists to enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing


How do Combardis essential oils mists enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing?¬†

The act of simply pausing for a moment to mindfully spray the mist helps to bring about a sense of calm and balance. It is in this moment that the breath slows to inhale the scent and there is an opportunity to just notice. Creating a mindful moment helps us to slow down and observe our feelings without judgement. This practice alone can assist in reducing stress and balancing the emotions.

On a physical level, when the mist is inhaled, the plant essence is immediately absorbed into the body. The aroma sends a signal to the limbic system which is the centre of memory and emotion. Essential oils therefore can have a powerful effect on the mind, mood and emotions. They may energise, calm, empower, inspire or simply nurture and comfort.

Taking it one step further, when essential oils are used with positive affirmations, the ‚Äėliving energy‚Äô of the scent can help to magnify the intention. Affirmations have been created for each mist to¬†enhance the benefits of each¬†blend.¬†For example – Harmony Mist –¬†‚ÄúI am connected to¬†the¬†deep sense of peace within me.”¬†

Our¬†goal is¬†to provide a simple yet effective tool using the incredible benefits of essential oils to create a positive¬†mind-body connection and hence one’s feeling¬†of happiness and contentment.¬†