The Entrepreneur’s Retreat with Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel is a Lifestyle and Mindset Coach and Author of the Amazon #1 Secret Mums Business – Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

If you are a busy female entrepreneur this retreat is an opportunity to invest in the most important aspect of your business – YOU!!!

The Entrepreneur’s Retreat challenges what you think you know about your business and shows you how to approach things from a completely different perspective.

I am so thrilled to be joining Angela as a Guest Presenter during the retreat!!! We will share information on how you can incorporate simple self care rituals into your day and you will have the opportunity to create a signature mist especially for you.

Recently I joined Angela in conversation as part of her Podcast series “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Business”. We had a great chat about the power of essential oils to support the mind and body and the importance of self care. You may find it recorded at ….  Angela Counsel Podcast

For more information on this restorative retreat that will help you create the lifestyle and business of your dreams  …. click here

I hope to see you at the magical Billabong Retreat setting!!

With love,


Using Combardis mists to enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing


How do Combardis essential oils mists enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing? 

The act of simply pausing for a moment to mindfully spray the mist helps to bring about a sense of calm and balance. It is in this moment that the breath slows to inhale the scent and there is an opportunity to just notice. Creating a mindful moment helps us to slow down and observe our feelings without judgement. This practice alone can assist in reducing stress and balancing the emotions.

On a physical level, when the mist is inhaled, the plant essence is immediately absorbed into the body. The aroma sends a signal to the limbic system which is the centre of memory and emotion. Essential oils therefore can have a powerful effect on the mind, mood and emotions. They may energise, calm, empower, inspire or simply nurture and comfort.

Taking it one step further, when essential oils are used with positive affirmations, the ‘living energy’ of the scent can help to magnify the intention. Affirmations have been created for each mist to enhance the benefits of each blend. For example – Harmony Mist – “I am connected to the deep sense of peace within me.” 

Our goal is to provide a simple yet effective tool using the incredible benefits of essential oils to create a positive mind-body connection and hence one’s feeling of happiness and contentment. 


Happy Mother’s Day

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

Help make your Mum feel extra special this weekend with a beautiful, sensory experience from Combardis.


Petite meaningful gifts from the heart.

For all the Mum’s receiving this email … give a big hint to your family members.

All orders placed with week will be posted on the same day!

A special gift pack for new Mum’s and Mum’s with little one’s!

We’ve teamed up with Angie Who to bring you this fabulous gift pack! Littlefolk by Angie Who is a parent friendly kids album! (Yay) Beautiful folk songs of joy and love for little and big people to enjoy together.

Calmer Kids is an essential oil mist created especially for little one’s to help calm, nurture and reduce irritability. Little one’s also love the mist gently falling above their head and body as part of the bed-time routine.

Angie Who is an independent artist, wife and mother. Angie looked after and sang to my kids when they were little one’s and now has two little cuties of her own! Angie creates heart warming music with soul.


Music evokes emotion as does scent – together we’ve created a bundle of joy and happiness for your little one and mum.

Don’t miss out, especially at the special price of $35!

Mother’s Day gift pack


Finding inner calm and peace

Recently I have been challenged more than ever to find that place of inner calm and peace. I have felt overwhelmed, impatient, frustrated … I’ve given unnecessary and unproductive thoughts far too much attention and have really had to work hard to focus my attention inwards to restore the balance.

The reality is I know that when I find that place of stillness I become calmer and more relaxed and therefore more efficient. I gain clarity and focus and suddenly those feelings of overwhelm don’t have so much power of me.

I am so grateful every day for the self care practices I have integrated into my daily routine and the resources available to me to support my journey. I’d love to share some of these with you, and introduce you to some amazing women who, by sharing their talents & insights are enriching the lives of so many.

If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck or simply out of balance know that you are not alone and that you are completely supported.

Self care is a divine responsibility.

With love,

Karen X

>> Click here to be introduced to the wellness gurus, events and resources.




Goals with Soul

Creating goals with soul means knowing how you want to FEEL in your life. “Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerful thing you can do with your life.” – Danielle LaPorte

To inspire you to create goals with soul check out Danielle LaPorte’s fabulous book “The Desire Map”.

Danielle LaPorte – The Desire Map

Select a Combardis Mist that supports your core desired feelings. Here are just a few to inspire … Vitality, Abundant Life, Harmony, Clarity, Highest Potential, Love, Free The Spirit!!


Looking for something unique, uplifting and meaningful this Christmas?

Give the gift of mindfulness and sensory joy!

Described as ‘nature’s living energy’, essential oils are a natural solution to help us live a slower-paced, more meaningful life – helping to promote mindfulness and bring about positive personal change.

At Combardis we combine the benefits of aromatherapy with positive affirmations to create a range of engaging and uplifting mists to empower and inspire. 

All mists are beautifully and lovingly gift wrapped using natural materials that are gentle on the environment.

Combardis Mists make the perfect uplifting and thoughtful gift for loved ones, friends and family, work colleagues, clients, teachers and party hosts. They are also a unique way to say ‘thank you’.

Share the sensory joy and wellbeing benefits of a gift handcrafted with harmony and purpose in mind.



Mindfulness at work

For many people work can be the greatest cause of stress … high expectations and challenging tasks. Practicing mindfulness at work can offer a bounty of benefits including a calm body and mind, enabling us to be more efficient and effective. Mindfulness trains us to stay in the present moment and to become more aware of the things going on around us. When we do this, our perspective widens and we are able to think more clearly.

Even when pushed for time and attention here are 3 simple ways of practising mindfulness at work:

BREATHE – Take a long, deep relaxing breath. Sit comfortably and spend as little as 1 minute focusing on the natural flow of the breath. When your mind wanders from your breath simply return to it gently.

CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF – Observe your thoughts and just notice, without judgement. Check in with your body and notice where it is tense, give that area attention without judgement and try and relax the affected muscles. To remind yourself to check in set a timer to chime every hour.

USE AN ESSENTIAL OIL MIST – Spray your personal space with a Combardis Mist and inhale the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Simply by misting and taking a deep breath you are grounding yourself in the present moment.