Finding inner calm and peace

Recently I have been challenged more than ever to find that place of inner calm and peace. I have felt overwhelmed, impatient, frustrated … I’ve given unnecessary and unproductive thoughts far too much attention and have really had to work hard to focus my attention inwards to restore the balance.

The reality is I know that when I find that place of stillness I become calmer and more relaxed and therefore more efficient. I gain clarity and focus and suddenly those feelings of overwhelm don’t have so much power of me.

I am so grateful every day for the self care practices I have integrated into my daily routine and the resources available to me to support my journey. I’d love to share some of these with you, and introduce you to some amazing women who, by sharing their talents & insights are enriching the lives of so many.

If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck or simply out of balance know that you are not alone and that you are completely supported.

Self care is a divine responsibility.

With love,

Karen X

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