Combardis + Karen Pethard

In a world full of doing, take a moment to breathe, to simply ‘be’.

There is power in steadiness and stillness. There is power when we slow down to connect to our inner knowing. The only way to really understand what brings meaning to your life is to get slow and quiet and still, and listen.

Combardis mists are an invitation to create moments of stillness by slowing down to mist, breathe and be.

Allow our essential oil elixirs to awaken your senses and your connection with peace, presence and joy. Connect with the beauty and wisdom of nature in an uplifting and inspiring way.

Plant essences and extracts work at an energetic level to enhance the positive aspects of our being and support emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. As we prepare each mist, we hold the energy of love and infuse each bottle with an affirmation, inspiring you to create mindful rituals and ground your intentions in the present moment.

“Plant essences will not change us into anything but our true selves.”

Elemental gifts from nature inspire me to be present in each moment and to live an intentional life guided by my heart. This, I believe is the path to living a meaningful life, filled with purpose and joy.

It is a gift to share the journey with you.

Karen x