Combardis + Karen Pethard

In a world full of doing, take a moment to breathe, to simply ‘be’.

Combardis is a wellness brand created to share the benefits of essential oils in a way that nurtures and inspires the mind, body and heart.

Combardis offers a range of aromatic mists – each mist is mindfully and intuitively hand crafted with love to support you on your wellness journey. They are a ‘go-to’ tool for your wellness toolbox. Use them to create a wellness sanctuary in your home and office, have them in your handbag to use during the day to calm and balance emotions, create a gift box for your friends, family or work colleagues.

When used aromatically, essential oils awaken your senses, soothe your soul, naturally support your emotions and enhance your mood. I fell in love with these gifts from the earth over 10 years ago for their ability to support me physically, emotionally and spiritually and decided to share my passion with others.

I am passionate about living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. I believe we cultivate joy when we allow ourselves to be completely present, when we ‘let go’ of all that no longer serves us, and tune into the wonder of BEing in the experience of life.

I am a student of energetic healing and aromatherapy courses but most importantly a student of life. I like to question why I’m here and how I can make a contribution. I find inspiration from others who live their lives from their hearts, with purpose and joy. I love learning about positive psychology and how we can re-programme our conscious mind to work for us not against us. I meditate to create stillness and space so that I can connect with myself and the divine universal energy. I love spending time in nature, exploring, playing and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Essential oils are part of my everyday life. They are nature’s gifts, not only do they smell divine, they contribute in so many beautiful ways to a happy and healthy life.

I have two beautiful children and the name Combardis is a word made up by my daughter when she was just 3 years of age. When asked what it meant she replied … ‘to be happy and healthy’. Snap! What a perfect name and how innocently it came about. Perhaps somehow guided? .. I’d like to think so.

Welcome to Combardis – thanking you for stopping by.

With love,