Combardis + Karen Pethard

In a world full of doing, take a moment to breathe, to simply ‘be’.

In an increasingly disconnected world Combardis invites you to reconnect with the divine essence that is you. Allow our essential oil elixirs to awaken your senses and bring your awareness into the present moment.

The healing properties of essential oils naturally enhance your energetic vibration – dissolving tension and encouraging uplifting feelings to flow.

Prioritise your wellbeing rituals and create moments of peace, presence and joy.


Hello, I’m Karen, the Founder of Combardis . . .

Essential oils have always been a part of my life, and together with my family, they make their way into rituals that help us connect in meaningful ways.

The creation of Combardis is my way of extending an invitation to others to not only experience the wonderful benefits of essential oils in the form of aromatic mists, however to experience the wonder of living mindfully, with an open heart, in harmony with our natural state of being. My study of natural healing therapies including aromatherapy and energetic healing inspire me to share my knowledge with others and to support them on their own wellness journeys.

I would love to connect with you.