Adventures for the heart and soul

During the April school holidays I traveled with my daughter Olivia to Nepal. It was a unique trip. A Global Youth Leadership Summit (10 teenagers and 9 adults). The first trip of its kind, created by Jacqui Holth (my bestie from University), the founder of The Adventurous Life Project and Bright Futures of Bardia (a project to reduce the risk of child trafficking in Nepal through education).

We spent 6 days in the absolute beauty of the Annapurna region on the Mardi Himal trek (the same trek I did with Jacqui 23 years ago!). We trekked and slept beneath a full moon at our highest camp and literally under the sheer grandeur of the spectacular Machapuchre, known as the ‘Fish Tail’. A sacred mountain that climbers do not attempt to summit in honour of the Hindu religion.

Sitting in meditation and contemplation surrounded by the beauty of the Annapurna Ranges, known as the Goddess of Abundance was a pure gift. The word ‘surrender’ took on a whole new meaning as my heart opened to the pure, infinite flow of love, unbounded by time, space or any conditions. In that moment, the need to connect with nature and the divine dissolved, it was a realisation that we are nature, we are the divine … the disconnection takes place when we feel separate, rather than knowing that our soul is one with all that is. I know this to be true from the spiritual teachings handed down over the generations however I moved towards actually feeling this in my being. Quite extraordinary indeed.

What I love about the work that I do with essential oils is that they are offerings from the divine. Given that we are a part of nature, when we absorb these beautiful, healing plant extracts they naturally bring harmony to our physical body, to our emotional state, and to our energetic vibration. The divine intelligence in nature that allows trees to grow, plants to flower, our body to breathe without us having to consciously ask it, also knows how to direct these plant extracts to where they are needed when they enter the body.

The oils supported us all on the mountain – promoting physical endurance and protecting against altitude sickness and the effects of new and different foods. They supported relaxation and healthy sleep, grounded emotions and inspired the positive.

As we descended the mountains we prepared for the next part of our journey which was to work with a local Nepalese school in the remote area of Bardia in far Western Nepal. We developed new friendships with the students, their families and teachers and helped construct new facilities provided with the funds raised by the Bright Futures of Bardia project (thank you for your support as we continue to contribute a percentage of our sales). We experienced a deeper respect and understanding of the Nepalese culture and both the similarities and differences of the environments that we learn and grow in. The warmth and friendliness of the Nepalese people was overwhelming, their smiles filled our souls.

The intention for the trip was personal growth. The adventure in the mountains and contribution at the school provided the experiences that without a doubt facilitated personal growth and transformation. Hearts opened wide and as a result we observed the teenagers (and adults alike) in our group demonstrate that they are a huge force for positive change on the planet!

The heart opening continued …

Soon after returning from Nepal I had the privilege of attending and supporting the Mind Heart Connect (MHC) event on the Gold Coast. If you follow us on social media you will be aware that we created a special ‘Flow’ Mist for the event sealed with the affirmation “I flow through life with grace and ease.”

The ‘Flow’ blend of essential oils was developed with the intention of supporting attendees during [and after] the event to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities that exist for their lives. Cypress essential oil [featured in the blend] creates energetic flow by teaching the soul to let go of the past and let go of control to enjoy the delight that comes from being in the present moment, trusting all that is.

It was a magnificent event with a wonderful vibe, being in the company of so many heart led, kind, compassionate, inspiring visionaries, is my kind of food for the soul! We donated a percentage of sales from our exhibitor stall to the wonderful work of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation. This foundation fosters peace building from the inside out, for individuals and communities using the incredibly effective EFT/tapping technique. A team of heart led practitioners are currently on their way to support remote indigenous communities in the Kimberley Region as part of an ongoing ‘train the trainer’ support programme.

A big take out for me was a reminder of the importance of creating and maintaining rituals and practices to support personal and spiritual growth. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, do you consciously make space for something new? Do you do the work to create a new reality? If we continue to repeat the same behaviours and maintain the same schedule with little or no time to pause and be grounded in the present, how can we expect anything other than a re-creation of the past?

Taking a moment to breathe and simply ‘be’ creates a space. The longer we pause and get comfortable with the stillness, matching our thoughts with desired feelings, the more we become a vibrational match with all that we desire. My practice is to use the tools of meditation, tapping and essential oils to create space … to move through self sabotage … to create clarity … to connect with the unknown and the field of infinite possibilities.

To deepen my knowledge of tapping I am attending a 2 day, Level 1 workshop next week with Alison van Vuuren at Happisoul on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Included below are the details if you too are interested to transform any physical and emotional concerns and share this tool with others. One of the speakers at the event, Carol Look suggests creating a life you love with just one “yes” at a time. If this is your next “yes”, I look forward to seeing you there!

If you are still with me, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time. There has been much to share and this is just a snapshot! If you would like any further information for any of the events/projects mentioned above the details are included below. Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact me directly.

Awaken your senses, soothe your soul and raise your energetic vibration with Combardis mists and pure essential oils. Each mist is created with love and infused with a positive affirmation to be a support you in your everyday. Create space for you by simply misting … breathing … and allowing yourself to ‘be’.

With love and gratitude,


Bright Futures of Bardia | https://brightfuturesofbardia.life/

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