Celebrating and nurturing Mum’s … and not just on Mother’s Day!

“Motherhood forces women into a new kind of self-sufficiency. Our only hope for mothering happily and wisely lies in developing inner resources to nourish ourselves. Tossed around by the needs of others, mothers give and give, so we must find ways to replenish ourselves.” –Sarah Napthali ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ 

On Mother’s Day (and every day!) may all mum’s take a moment to reflect upon, and congratulate themselves on just how many roles they play and give themselves permission to honour and nurture the true essence of who they are. It is not often that mothers prioritise and nurture the connection with themselves. It is too easy to be catapulted into the busyness of everyday and forget about taking care of oneself. However, it is the connection with oneself that serves as the foundation of a happy and content life with everything else (including family) extending from this place.

Mothers are the source from which everything else unfurls. A mother must feed herself first – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Because if she doesn’t there is nothing left to give to her children.

To all the mum’s out there, are you putting yourself first? Book that yoga retreat, take a long walk, climb a mountain, indulge in a good book and a long bath, do that thing that you know lights a fire within. Prioritise time that’s just for you and commit to even a small daily ritual that nourishes and nurtures ‘you’! Of course it can be difficult to do however it is what will keep you sane and your mind, body and soul alive.