Create your favourite aromas at home . . .

In this world of rapid change we are being drawn inward. We are being encouraged to connect with our own divine essence with fewer distractions. We are being urged to create new habits and new family rituals to support our new way of being.

We observed recently in our workshops with kids and teens, the presence and joy that flowed from creating an aromatic item of beauty. We are now creating ‘CYO’ kits that will allow you to let your creativity flow at home as you ‘create your own’ aromatic mists.

Create your own room mists to bring that peaceful spa feeling to your home, create a mist that activates hope and optimism, a pillow mist for dream weaving, an uplifting mist to set the mood for work and new projects or a mindful mist for your meditation practice.

Embrace the ‘slowing down’ effect and trust that life takes care of itself as our awareness of the present moment expands. Savour a moment of solitude or share the creation experience with your family.

An aromatic mist is blended with purified water and heavenly scented essential oils. We provide you with step by step directions and a selection of ‘recipes’ to get you started.

The kit includes:

  • 4 x 50ml amber spray bottles
  • 1 qty of natural dispersant (almond + coconut oils)
  • 1 x glass beaker (to mix your oil blend)
  • 1 x plastic funnel (to guide your water gently into the bottles)
  • Kraft labels (create your own fab labels)
  • Step-by-step directions and recipes.

If you have your own collection of essential oils this is the perfect opportunity to use them and if not, we have selected 9 of our favourites (synchronised with the recipes) and poured them into mini bottles that you may purchase together with the kit . . . Lavender * Lemon * Orange * Rosemary * Peppermint * Cedarwood * Frankincense * Ylang Ylang * Frangipani