Embrace the energy of the new year!

The beginning of a new year always provides a feeling of renewal.
Embrace this feeling and set intentions for how to live the life you’ve always desired … or simply embrace the life you already have!Often traditional resolutions don’t stick because they are perceived as rules or things we think we “should” be doing … it can be hard to put our heart into things we are really not that passionate about.Rather than setting specific goals an alternate approach may be to look at the big picture and to make a resolution to FEEL good in your skin or to FEEL more alive and present and therefore be open to possibilities.Here are some tools that continue to serve me well and hopefully they help you to feel more alive and present as well:

1. Release what no longer serves you. 

This can be difficult to apply however it will set you free. It may be a negative thought process, a bad habit, a personal relationship.

2. Practice living with intention and choose positive affirming thoughts. 

Without intention we may stray without meaning or direction. When we set intention we plant the seed for what it is we wish to achieve. Affirmations are effective in achieving your intentions. They are positive statements we can use to attract that which we desire into our lives.

3. Be kind to your mind and your body.
We often put too much pressure on ourselves and set unrealistic expectations. Stop rushing the things that need time to develop. Sure, we need to challenge ourselves, however do this in a healthy, nurturing & enjoyable way.Help take stress off the body by making healthy food choices, by exercising regularly and taking enough time to sleep and rest.4. Plan and set goals yet remain open to possibility. 

Sometimes we haven’t even imagined yet what it is we really want and where we would like our journey to take us. Being open to possibility is trusting in the flow of life and trusting that the universe only wants the very best for us.

5. Notice your breath and practice mindfulness

We take our breath wherever we go. If you feel your body tensing and your breath shallow, remember to take a big breath. Simply notice how you feel after. Taking a deep breath helps to connect the mind and the body.

When your mind is there with your body you are grounded in the present moment. Mindfulness gives birth to clarity, joy and happiness.

6. Be thankful for today. 

Practice living with a grateful mind. Even though some days are rough there is always something to be grateful for. By being thankful we attract more of the good stuff into our lives.

7. Try to find the positive in everything. 

Following on from the point above it is often easy to focus on the bad in a person or a situation. Often there is a silver lining or something for us to learn. Try and focus a positive light on the situation and be aware of the outcome.

8. Accept where it is you are. 

It is best to stop trying so hard to get to where you think you should be and to take a moment to see that you are exactly where you need to be. It is from this space that positive change takes place.

9. Let your heart guide you. 

Trust the feelings inside. Travel to the place you keep thinking about, look at life through loving eyes, let your inner child come out and play!