Featuring Harmony mist

We all know that life gets busy and at these times it’s more important than ever to take the time to stop and just breathe. Harmony mist was created for these times of overwhelm and for when life feels a little (or a lot!) out of balance.

The heart warming essential oils infused in this blend help to reconnect the mind and heart allowing you to move forward in a calmer, more centred state. Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lavender combine with Cedarwood and citrus oils to soothe the senses and bring harmony to the mind and body.

Using the mist mindfully …

Simply pause for a moment and spray the mist over the crown of your head and around your body. Breathe the natural scent in deeply, repeat the affirmation and just be. 

“I am connected to a deep sense of peace within me.”

Taking the time to just breathe is a simple, mindful self care practice that impacts the nervous system in the most positive way. When we take a moment to be still, to fill our lungs completely and then let it all out we allow our muscles to relax and our mind and body to be grounded in the present moment.

Set an alarm to stop and take a deep breath every hour and notice the impact it has on your day.