Gratitude is a powerful force

Over 20 years ago I travelled to Nepal with my dear friend Jacqui. After trekking and white water rafting we visited the remote village of Bardia in Western Nepal – to try and spot a tiger! It was in Bardia that Jacqui’s boyfriend (now husband) almost lost his life due to a medical emergency. The local villagers helped to get us all out of Bardia and into Kathmandu where the ‘foreigner’ was able to have life saving surgery. One person in particular, a young boy with his bicycle, and a second bicycle he had sourced for Jacqui, was critical to getting help and assistance.

This young boy grew up and started a school for the local children in his living room – he is now the Principal of the Bardia Memorial School. Jacqui’s pledge is to honour the community that helped saved her husband’s life and in doing so, contribute to the development of facilities at Bardia Memorial School to educate all children in the local community from pre-school to Year 12.

I believe in the power of kindness and the generosity of the human spirit to bring about positive change and opportunities for all and so it is a privilege to be involved in this project. Next April, I will travel to Nepal with Jacqui and a group of awesome teenagers. My teenage daughter Livi will be one of them! We will be going to assist with projects at the school and our group of teens will have the opportunity to teach classes at the school.

Gratitude is a powerful force when it comes to creating magic. Hearts open and suddenly everything is possible.

Critical to the success of this project is to raise AU$40,000 in the next 6 weeks to establish facilities at the school by the end of this year. This will enable the older children to stay at the school and be educated through to Year 12. Offering educational opportunities to this community not only creates a brighter future, it reduces the risk of these children being lured away from their families and trafficked across the boarder into India. The reality is – this is happening every single day and the number of children affected has increased 5 fold in the last 5 years.

Every heart has the opportunity to change lives.

To donate to these beautiful children and the community of Bardia please click on the link below. I have created a ‘Friends of Combardis’ campaign page. If this project resonates with you please create your own campaign page for friends, family, community and school groups.

*** Bright Futures of Bardia – Donate here ***

Until the end of this campaign Combardis will donate $5 for every mist sold!!

Jacqui Holth, founder of the Adventurous Life Project and Ky Furneaux, stunt woman and survival expert will be visiting the school next week to meet with the team who will help bring this project to life on the ground.

Follow their travels and the entire project by following @brightfuturesofbardia on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to find a place in your heart for these very special people.

With love and gratitude,