Happy new year and decade!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy festive season and a bright and abundant 2020. We are so excited to welcome in a new year and a new decade! For the numerologists amongst us, it is a master 22 year and with this brings balance and precision. The master number 22 has the power to turn ambitions and dreams into sold, material reality. The energy as we enter the new decade is a more feminine, yin energy and brings with it a desire to work in partnership with others.

Set your intention for all that you wish to manifest in your life. The energy of a new year is always the perfect opportunity to make changes, to let go of what is no longer serving and to welcome in the new. All we have is the present moment and the choice to create our reality based on our thoughts and our desired feelings. ‘Be’ in the moment and ‘see’ and ‘feel’ your desired outcomes. Let go of the ‘how’s’, trust in your intuition and your creation energy.

Our thoughts and love go out to those affected and still suffering through the tragic bushfire season in Australia. We pray for rain. We also send love to friends and family affected by ill health and the loss of loved ones at this time. These times will pass. May hope and positive action emerge from these difficult times.

However you choose to celebrate, may your New Year may be filled with peace and joy! Thank you for your ongoing support, I am personally filled with gratitude!

With love,