Message in a bottle

Giving and receiving support

It’s times like these we can get creative about how we take care of not only each other, but ourselves – keeping our heart, mind and body connected and healthy. I feel this time of recalibration is an opportunity to expand – to expand our consciousness, our capabilities, our compassion for one another and the planet, our appreciation of what is truly important to us and our faith that all will be well. At the same time the changes we are experiencing may be highlighting to us the areas of life that are out of balance or need some love and attention.

Giving support and importantly receiving support, expands who you are. Requiring support is often considered as failure, on the contrary, it is a sign of courage and strength. We are in circumstances where it’s more than okay to ask for support. Remember you are an integral link in the chain of all beingness. Everything and everyone is connected, nothing works in isolation. Allow support to reinforce your strengths and receive with an open heart.

I have gratefully received support by way of practices that bring my attention to my heart … meditation, tapping, wholesome chats with friends, long walks and runs in nature, family moments, nourishing foods and creative projects (who knew I could use a sewing machine!). My morning exercise, meditation and journaling practice has been the greatest daily support of all – combined of course with generous misting to support my desired feelings and intentions for the day.

Each Combardis mist is created with the intention to support you exactly where you are. Essential oils combine with the power of intention to create new pathways of peace, presence and joy. Allow the whispering messages from these bottles to support you too . . . .

“Inner strength comes from a sense of peace and contentment. Your worthiness is never in dispute, only your acceptance of it. Self confidence and worth are awakened in the silence of meditation … feel the limitless power within.” . . . Inner Strength

“Wherever you are, be all there. Whenever you notice the presence of your awareness you have the opportunity to live in flow – this is where hope and creativity flourish! Take a deep breath and sink into a moment of awareness.” . . . Present Moment

“Find delight in the everyday and take a more lighthearted approach. Rediscover the simply joys of life like the smell of freshly brewed coffee or a walk in nature, taking in the beauty of all that unfolds naturally. Find joy in the art of simply Being!”.  . . . Joie de Vivre

“Open yourself to more love by radiating love from within. You are loveable. Love is all around you. Opening your heart to gratitude tunes you to the vibration of love and only pure love conquers fear.” . . . Love

“Relax, slow down, take a deep breath. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and Be with them. Be gentle and know that emotions are a wonderful part of life, not only do they create imbalance they allow us to feel love and connection with ourselves and others.” . . . Harmony

“Attract into your life all that you desire by feeling gratitude for all that is. Remember that all life flows with an abundance of love and joy. Practicing an attitude of gratitude and appreciation creates pure positive vibration. In this state you are more likely to recognise all of the good in your life, increasing positive emotions and feeling greater happiness.” . . . Abundant Life

As you find peace in your heart, calm in your mind, and a connection with all that is, carry it around with you and share it with others. This question was posed to me and now I am passing it on to you “How is earth’s current re-arranging helping me?”

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You are never alone.