Mind Heart Connect Event

Inspiration in a bottle to support this wonderful event coming up May 5-7 on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Last chance to get tickets is NOW … http://www.mindheartconnect.com/

I was reminded of how much I was influenced by Dr Joe Dispenze the last time I saw him in Sydney as I re-read an old Combardis blog post …. ‘The people who have positive changes in their health have also changed their thinking’.

Be in the presence of Dr Joe Dispenza, Australia’s Dr Peta Stapleton leading clinical research at Bond University in the area of EFT/tapping, Dr Lori Leydon – doing amazing work in the field of EFT in Rwanda, and many more incredible speakers who are helping global healing on so many levels.

We are delighted to have created a mist especially for the event and will be both attending the event and exhibiting our beautiful mists and wellbeing kits.

Combardis Aromatic Mists originated to assist in inspiring positive thoughts and emotions. By using a beautiful essential oil blend mindfully the benefits of the essential oils are magnified.

A simple mindful exercise is to spray the mist over your body and personal space, breathe the scent in deeply and then repeat a simple positive affirmation. By using the mist in regular mindful ritual you will be engaging in positive thoughts and subsequent positive emotions.Positive emotions = happy and healthy life. 🙂