Mindfulness at work

For many people work can be the greatest cause of stress … high expectations and challenging tasks. Practicing mindfulness at work can offer a bounty of benefits including a calm body and mind, enabling us to be more efficient and effective. Mindfulness trains us to stay in the present moment and to become more aware of the things going on around us. When we do this, our perspective widens and we are able to think more clearly.

Even when pushed for time and attention here are 3 simple ways of practising mindfulness at work:

BREATHE – Take a long, deep relaxing breath. Sit comfortably and spend as little as 1 minute focusing on the natural flow of the breath. When your mind wanders from your breath simply return to it gently.

CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF – Observe your thoughts and just notice, without judgement. Check in with your body and notice where it is tense, give that area attention without judgement and try and relax the affected muscles. To remind yourself to check in set a timer to chime every hour.

USE AN ESSENTIAL OIL MIST – Spray your personal space with a Combardis Mist and inhale the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Simply by misting and taking a deep breath you are grounding yourself in the present moment.