Nurture your connections of the heart

Exquisite Rose essential oil is known as a tonic for the heart. Incredibly, 60 roses are required to produce just one drop of rose oil! The scent is synonymous with love and has been used to balance the emotions for hundreds of years. Used in aromatherapy Rose instills feelings of love and positivity whilst also easing stress and nervousness. Rose oil is used to open the heart chakra so one can experience unconditional love through relationships. This includes relationships with ourselves, our partner, our family, our work, our connection with the universe.

The famous Valley of the Roses is located in Central Bulgaria between the Balkan mountains and the Sredna Gora mountain. This region has been the motherland of the Rosa damanscena miller species for over 300 years.

Ancient Egyptians heralded rose for its healing and aphrodisiac properties. It was believed that decorating burial tombs with the flower petals maintained a powerful link between their world and the afterlife. Isis, the goddess of love was symbolised by the flower and many Egyptian artworks include the rose alongside her depiction. Cleopatra added roses to her milk baths and also filled her room with the scented petals in order to create an aromatic connection with Marc Anthony.

Nurture your connects of the heart with LOVE essential oil mist. This soothing blend includes intoxicating Rose essential oil and is blended with Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot to create a warm and evocative mist.

Combardis Love Aromatic Mist