I am inspired by amazing, heart centred people who generously share their natural gifts and talents. They help us to live more fully and to experience the joy and wonder of life.

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” – Joseph Campbell

I believe in sharing the good stuff so here is an evolving list of the heart led practitioners/individuals/projects that I have had personal experience with, love and trust.

>>>  HAPPISOUL   <<<

Alison van Vuuren is an Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner with EFTi (EFT international), and the founder of Happisoul.

Alison’s passion is to guide you back to the essence of who you truly are and to assist you to connect with NOW and create the life you wish for by using powerful and successful tools to clear the stress that’s in the way. This may be in your career, running a business, relationships, health or simply releasing fear and transforming this into connection and action.

Recently I completed my Level 1 EFT training with Alison. I enjoy Alison’s gentle and insightful approach to healing. I am constantly in awe of the great shifts that can take place after a session of tapping. I also attend Alison’s group tapping sessions and love the connection with like minded people. I personally recommend Alison as a refreshing, holistic, professional EFT and coaching practitioner.

To connect with Alison >>>


“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.” – Charles Schaefer

The manifesto at The Adventurous Life Project – founded by Jacqui Holth – is to bring together a tribe who are adventurous at heart, recognise the power of play and understand that adventure reveals grit, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges in all aspects of life.

I attended the first ever Global Youth Adventure Summit in April 2019 with my 14 year old daughter. We travelled to Nepal with a group of teenagers and youth leaders, we climbed to 4,000 meters in the Annapurna Ranges, trekked in the Jungle and contributed at the school we support in far Western Nepal, the Bardia Memorial School.

For more information on events and adventures visit Adventurous Life Project.


The Stillness Project has a mission to bring the very essence of who we are back into our lives … STILLNESS. The Stillness Project vision is to unite millions of minds across the globe, all connected in peace, harmony and stillness.

Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project believes that we have all the technology, all the information, all the gadgets and hype-stimulation, but one thing is missing, Stillness. He believes that the portal to access this stillness is meditation. Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance and turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms of stress in his job, he has now devoted his life to teaching meditation.

Tom offers meditation classes, retreats, speaker events and on-line meditation programmes. Tom offers the world’s first teen meditation programme on-line. As a father of teens, Tom believes in empowering the youth of the world to discover their greatness. Teens are experiencing more stress and overwhelm than ever before and he believes that stress is limiting teenagers from experiencing the lightness and joy of life.

To learn more about the teen meditation programme >>> Teen Meditation


“When you cannot see the wood from the trees, Personal Pathfinding will put you back on track.”

Kate has been my Integrated Health Professional Guru for almost 4 years! Kate uses her expertise in kinesiology, chiropractic, energetic healing and naturopathy to help you access your body’s innate wisdom, to help you find the true you and walk your authentic path.

Kate’s holistic approach focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Find out how Kate can help serve you on your wellness journey >>> Personal Path Finding


We are proud to sponsor the Mind Heart Connect (MHC) event. MHC brings together a matrix of heart led experts in evidenced-based practices supporting the mind-body-heart connection in a transformational forum. The MHC vision – to inspire personal and community wellness and resiliency. The speaker line up for 2019 included Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Lori Leyden, Dr Peta Stapleton, Dr David Hamilton, Tom Cronin, Carol Look, Natalie Ledwell and more.

The energy is palpable at a MHC event – hearts open wide. We are a proud sponsor and supporter of this event and have created an aromatic mist to support attendees at both the 2017 and 2019 events. The next event will be held in Melbourne in 2021.

Stay updated at >>> Mind Heart Connect

Founders, Kate Helder and Dr Peta Stapleton have subsequently created the MHC Foundation. The Foundation fosters peace building from the inside out, for individuals and communities using the incredibly effective EFT/tapping technique. Dr Lori Leyden is an integral part of the team supporting remote indigenous communities in the Kimberley Region as part of an ongoing ‘train the trainer’ support programme.

Dr Lori Leyden has worked in Rwanda with African Peace Partners, CBOPE and Never Again Rwanda, serving genocide survivors. She has also worked to support Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown with Nick Ortner and more recently to support the community in Parkland, Florida.

Lori and her team believe that global healing will take place through compassionate, heart-centered experiences that foster the understanding that we are all connected as global citizens desiring the same things – to love and be loved, to live a meaningful life and to have a bright, peaceful future. For more information on her incredibly inspiring and heart felt work and to support her humanitarian projects visit >>>  Create Global Healing

I have had the privilege of being involved in Lori’s heart led healing programme “The Grace Process” – both in a workshop format and on-line. If you are looking for a new paradigm for growing and healing I recommend Lori’s ‘graceful’ approach to creating a meaningful and inspiring life. >>> The Grace Process


Rachael is a Mindfulness mentor, award-winning blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast (and video blog!), with a big dream to empower people around the world to live more mindfully in fun, simple and meaningful ways!

It is her lighthearted, fun and authentic manner that created such a successful podcast over such a short period of time.

>>  Rachael Kable >> A website filled with engaging resources to help you embark on your mindfulness journey.



Kylie is the author and artist of ‘Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations’.

Kylie and I have spent many market days together sharing our messages of mindfulness with both adults and children. Kylie created ‘Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations’ – for kids and adults – to promote positive self talk for children and to provide the perfect opportunity for parents and carers to connect with children. You will share instant feelings of gratitude, positivity, love and connection while practising mindfulness.

Kylie’s work is supported by leading psychologists and health professionals. It has also now been shared with the children at the Bardia Memorial School in Nepal. >> Kylie Johnson – Mindfulness Colouring


Be Inspired with Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions podcast. If you haven’t already, tune into these conversations, they are pure food for the soul. >>>  Super Soul Podcast

‘Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you.’