Self care and creativity

Whatever your circumstances, there is power in steadiness and stillness. There is power when we slow down to connect to our inner knowing. When we feel a greater connection with ourselves, we are able to strengthen our connection with the people around us and the world around us.

When I think of self care, I think of those activities that allow a deeper connection to my inner knowing. They are the activities that enhance my energy, restore a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and reduce any anxiety or stress. They are often a way of processing the emotional reactions to life.

Being creative (and making space for creativity) is one of the best forms of self care. It allows us to connect with who we are on a deeper level. Staying creative amidst the busy’ness of life doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming.

  • Take a walk – there is nothing more grounding than taking a moment to reconnect with nature. Your creative mind will thank you for it. Nature knows just how to bring harmony to where it is needed.
  • Break your routine as a form of creativity – create space for something new to emerge.
  • Journal – just observe your stream of consciousness. Similar to breaking your routine, when you empty your mind onto paper – without judgement – there is a greater possibility for clarity and new ideas to emerge.
  • Meditate – find a quiet place and allow your thoughts to simply come and go without overwhelming you. Creativity emerges from a place of stillness.
  • Take a class or workshop – meet like-minded people, allow yourself to be guided by a new process, take time out for you and prepare to feel more balanced and inspired.

You are invited to feel more balanced and inspired at our upcoming ‘Create your own Botanical Mist’ workshop held at the beautifully creative and inspiring Possibility Project, Wahroonga.

Saturday 22nd May, 2-4pm

Link to workshop details and to book

“Plant essences will not change us into anything but our true selves.”

[Image sourced from Pinterest]