The Entrepreneur’s Retreat with Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel is a Lifestyle and Mindset Coach and Author of the Amazon #1 Secret Mums Business – Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

If you are a busy female entrepreneur this retreat is an opportunity to invest in the most important aspect of your business – YOU!!!

The Entrepreneur’s Retreat challenges what you think you know about your business and shows you how to approach things from a completely different perspective.

I am so thrilled to be joining Angela as a Guest Presenter during the retreat!!! We will share information on how you can incorporate simple self care rituals into your day and you will have the opportunity to create a signature mist especially for you.

Recently I joined Angela in conversation as part of her Podcast series “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Business”. We had a great chat about the power of essential oils to support the mind and body and the importance of self care. You may find it recorded at ….  Angela Counsel Podcast

For more information on this restorative retreat that will help you create the lifestyle and business of your dreams  …. click here

I hope to see you at the magical Billabong Retreat setting!!

With love,