Uplift your mind, body and spirit

At Combardis we are passionate about aromatherapy and its potential to enhance the mind-body connection in a most positive way. Essential oils in their purest form have vast wellness enhancing benefits and are often referred to as nature’s living energy.

Dr Joe Dispenza in “Physics, the Brain and Your Reality” says ‘‘The thinking brain, the neo cortex, is the seed of our freewill and allows us to have a choice and opinion. The one thing I noticed about people who had changes in health had changed their thinking. If they changed their thinking was the effect in the brain sending a new signal to their body? The answer is yes… Our thoughts have a direct connection to our direct level of health. Thoughts make a chemical. If you have happy thoughts then you’re producing chemicals that make you feel happy. It you have negative thoughts, angry thoughts or insecure thoughts, those thoughts make chemicals to make you feel how you’re thinking… There is sound evidence that our thoughts do matter. We always replace those old patterns with a greater ideal of ourselves. If rehearsed mentally, we will grow new circuits in the brain, the platform in which we stand on to execute a new level of self.”

We all have a desire to be happy, however sometimes we hold ourselves back from the possibility. There are many reasons this may be the case, one may be that little voice inside our head, the voice that is most often the source of our own self-sabotage. The little voice that says … you are not enough, you can’t do it, don’t bother trying, you are a failure … you know that little voice and I know it too!

Imagine listening to that voice and giving that voice permission to continue, day after day, year after year … eventually we start to believe that voice and accept it as truth.

The alternative is to acknowledge this voice and then disassociate from this voice. Give yourself permission to select different thoughts. By using affirmations and mindfulness tools we can start to control our thoughts and change the story. We can give ourselves permission to live the life we desire.

By using the affirmations infused on each of the Combardis mist bottles together with our sense of smell we have an opportunity to create new pathways to more empowered thoughts and feelings.

Come on a journey where your senses will be awakened and your mind, body and spirit uplifted by nature’s living energy.