Using Combardis mists to enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing


How do Combardis essential oils mists enhance one’s sense of vitality and wellbeing? 

The act of simply pausing for a moment to mindfully spray the mist helps to bring about a sense of calm and balance. It is in this moment that the breath slows to inhale the scent and there is an opportunity to just notice. Creating a mindful moment helps us to slow down and observe our feelings without judgement. This practice alone can assist in reducing stress and balancing the emotions.

On a physical level, when the mist is inhaled, the plant essence is immediately absorbed into the body. The aroma sends a signal to the limbic system which is the centre of memory and emotion. Essential oils therefore can have a powerful effect on the mind, mood and emotions. They may energise, calm, empower, inspire or simply nurture and comfort.

Taking it one step further, when essential oils are used with positive affirmations, the ‘living energy’ of the scent can help to magnify the intention. Affirmations have been created for each mist to enhance the benefits of each blend. For example – Harmony Mist – “I am connected to the deep sense of peace within me.” 

Our goal is to provide a simple yet effective tool using the incredible benefits of essential oils to create a positive mind-body connection and hence one’s feeling of happiness and contentment.