What is your Anchor?

We all know the power of the mind and the importance of positive thoughts to create our reality.

However to expect that our thoughts will always be positive is quite unrealistic. In fact we need to experience negative emotions to allow ourselves to dig deeper into our underlying thoughts and feelings in an attempt to learn more about ourselves and how we can learn and evolve.

When a painful thought, experience or memory comes up we can use an anchor to help acknowledge the situation and then bring our awareness to a place of mindfulness.

What are the anchors you use on a daily basis to bring you back to the present moment or to stay focussed on a goal?

The breath is a reliable anchor as is doing a 1 minute body scan.

We can also engage our senses . . . an essential oil aromatic mist is a wonderfully reliable anchor – it works as a mindfulness tool yet delivers the benefits of pure essential oils.

By repeating an affirmation we also work to bring about new positive thought patterns.


Find an anchor that works for you when the wind of mindlessness blows.