Create your signature botanical mist.

There is a kind of magic created when women come together … it’s a conscious decision create something beautiful with other like-minded souls.

You are invited to create your signature botanical mist using flower essences and essential oils at our next workshop at the soul nurturing Possibility Project in Wahroonga, Sydney [Saturday 22 May, 2-4pm]. We share moments of stillness in the presence of botanical essences and share beautiful techniques to help you move through your days with more calm and clarity, focus and vitality.

Whatever your circumstances, there is power in steadiness and stillness. There is power when we slow down to connect to our inner knowing. When we feel a greater connection with ourselves, we are able to strengthen our connection with the people around us and the world around us. Connecting with nature is a way of strengthening the connection to our inner self, to that place of inner calm and knowing – breaking free from the stressors of life and restoring harmony.

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We enjoy collaborating with other creatives to deliver beautiful experiences for women. See below for images from our recent workshops at the Possibility Project and ‘Clarity Class’ at The School with beautiful Megan Morton.

We also offer creative workshops for kids and teens – they provide an opportunity to learn about the power of plants and to understand how botanical essences can support the emotions, inspire and empower.

If you are interested to collaborate or to host a workshop in your home or business please contact Karen.

“Plant essences will not change us into anything but our true selves.”