Summer en Provence

Only in Provence … walking trails lined with wild flowers and herbs of rosemary, thyme, helichrysum, clary sage, the last of the Spring poppies, geranium, wild daffodil and the sweet honeysuckle smelling yellow broom just to name a few. Wildflowers and herbs flourish all year round in Provence. Summer is idyllic as it delivers fields of gorgeous yellow sunflowers and lavish fields of lavender. Scent fills the air and for me, fills my soul too!

It is understandable how the visual and sensory delights of beautiful flowers and herbs set amidst dreamy village scenes have inspired so many artists, poets, writers, perfumers, chefs, aromatherapists and creatives of all disciplines to create from the heart.

For the month of July I was fortunate to spend a second summer in a row in the exquisite village of La Roque Alric in the Vaucluse region of Provence. I accepted an invitation to visit one of the largest distilleries in Provence, Distillerie Duffez. We arrived in the peak Lavender harvesting period with large rectangular containers of both Lavender and Lavendin being delivered by trucks on a continuous rotation. This particularly distillery has been in the family for 3 generations, they offer eco friendly and sustainable production as well as facilities for organic distilling of locally grown plants. I was surprised to learn that in the local Drome Provence area, harvesting is not limited to the summer months and includes a wide range of eco farmed Clary Sage, Juniper Berry, Helichrysum, Cypress, Thyme, Rosemary, Peppermint and White Fir. They also produce high quality floral waters (the fragrance left in the water after the distillation process). I have been enjoying experimenting with floral waters as a base for potential new mist blends.

In complete contrast I met a fabulous women from Gap, in the north of Provence at a local market in the village of Caromb. She described her Lavender, Helichrysum, Rosemary and Thyme farm as a ‘non pretentious distillerie’. I later learned that she harvests her crops by hand using a traditional serpette and uses traditional methods of steam distillation to create sufficient quantities of essential oils and flower waters to support her skincare and wellness range. This is incredibly impressive given the temperature this year at the time of harvest reached 37-39 degrees each day!

I return inspired to evolve some of the current blends in the Combardis range and to create new supportive blends in alignment with feelings of expansion and possibility!

The French get it right with their saying ‘Joie de Vivre’. To look at life as something that is to be taken with great pleasure and enjoy it. -Mirielle Guiliano


Adventures for the heart and soul

During the April school holidays I traveled with my daughter Olivia to Nepal. It was a unique trip. A Global Youth Leadership Summit (10 teenagers and 9 adults). The first trip of its kind, created by Jacqui Holth (my bestie from University), the founder of The Adventurous Life Project and Bright Futures of Bardia (a project to reduce the risk of child trafficking in Nepal through education).

We spent 6 days in the absolute beauty of the Annapurna region on the Mardi Himal trek (the same trek I did with Jacqui 23 years ago!). We trekked and slept beneath a full moon at our highest camp and literally under the sheer grandeur of the spectacular Machapuchre, known as the ‘Fish Tail’. A sacred mountain that climbers do not attempt to summit in honour of the Hindu religion.

Sitting in meditation and contemplation surrounded by the beauty of the Annapurna Ranges, known as the Goddess of Abundance was a pure gift. The word ‘surrender’ took on a whole new meaning as my heart opened to the pure, infinite flow of love, unbounded by time, space or any conditions. In that moment, the need to connect with nature and the divine dissolved, it was a realisation that we are nature, we are the divine … the disconnection takes place when we feel separate, rather than knowing that our soul is one with all that is. I know this to be true from the spiritual teachings handed down over the generations however I moved towards actually feeling this in my being. Quite extraordinary indeed.

What I love about the work that I do with essential oils is that they are offerings from the divine. Given that we are a part of nature, when we absorb these beautiful, healing plant extracts they naturally bring harmony to our physical body, to our emotional state, and to our energetic vibration. The divine intelligence in nature that allows trees to grow, plants to flower, our body to breathe without us having to consciously ask it, also knows how to direct these plant extracts to where they are needed when they enter the body.

The oils supported us all on the mountain – promoting physical endurance and protecting against altitude sickness and the effects of new and different foods. They supported relaxation and healthy sleep, grounded emotions and inspired the positive.

As we descended the mountains we prepared for the next part of our journey which was to work with a local Nepalese school in the remote area of Bardia in far Western Nepal. We developed new friendships with the students, their families and teachers and helped construct new facilities provided with the funds raised by the Bright Futures of Bardia project (thank you for your support as we continue to contribute a percentage of our sales). We experienced a deeper respect and understanding of the Nepalese culture and both the similarities and differences of the environments that we learn and grow in. The warmth and friendliness of the Nepalese people was overwhelming, their smiles filled our souls.

The intention for the trip was personal growth. The adventure in the mountains and contribution at the school provided the experiences that without a doubt facilitated personal growth and transformation. Hearts opened wide and as a result we observed the teenagers (and adults alike) in our group demonstrate that they are a huge force for positive change on the planet!

The heart opening continued …

Soon after returning from Nepal I had the privilege of attending and supporting the Mind Heart Connect (MHC) event on the Gold Coast. If you follow us on social media you will be aware that we created a special ‘Flow’ Mist for the event sealed with the affirmation “I flow through life with grace and ease.”

The ‘Flow’ blend of essential oils was developed with the intention of supporting attendees during [and after] the event to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities that exist for their lives. Cypress essential oil [featured in the blend] creates energetic flow by teaching the soul to let go of the past and let go of control to enjoy the delight that comes from being in the present moment, trusting all that is.

It was a magnificent event with a wonderful vibe, being in the company of so many heart led, kind, compassionate, inspiring visionaries, is my kind of food for the soul! We donated a percentage of sales from our exhibitor stall to the wonderful work of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation. This foundation fosters peace building from the inside out, for individuals and communities using the incredibly effective EFT/tapping technique. A team of heart led practitioners are currently on their way to support remote indigenous communities in the Kimberley Region as part of an ongoing ‘train the trainer’ support programme.

A big take out for me was a reminder of the importance of creating and maintaining rituals and practices to support personal and spiritual growth. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, do you consciously make space for something new? Do you do the work to create a new reality? If we continue to repeat the same behaviours and maintain the same schedule with little or no time to pause and be grounded in the present, how can we expect anything other than a re-creation of the past?

Taking a moment to breathe and simply ‘be’ creates a space. The longer we pause and get comfortable with the stillness, matching our thoughts with desired feelings, the more we become a vibrational match with all that we desire. My practice is to use the tools of meditation, tapping and essential oils to create space … to move through self sabotage … to create clarity … to connect with the unknown and the field of infinite possibilities.

To deepen my knowledge of tapping I am attending a 2 day, Level 1 workshop next week with Alison van Vuuren at Happisoul on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Included below are the details if you too are interested to transform any physical and emotional concerns and share this tool with others. One of the speakers at the event, Carol Look suggests creating a life you love with just one “yes” at a time. If this is your next “yes”, I look forward to seeing you there!

If you are still with me, thank you! I appreciate you taking the time. There has been much to share and this is just a snapshot! If you would like any further information for any of the events/projects mentioned above the details are included below. Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact me directly.

Awaken your senses, soothe your soul and raise your energetic vibration with Combardis mists and pure essential oils. Each mist is created with love and infused with a positive affirmation to be a support you in your everyday. Create space for you by simply misting … breathing … and allowing yourself to ‘be’.

With love and gratitude,


Bright Futures of Bardia | https://brightfuturesofbardia.life/

Happisoul | https://happisoul.com/

Mind Heart Connect | https://www.mindheartconnect.com/


My favourite 5 essential oils to encourage healthy sleep

Quality sleep still seems elusive for many people I speak with. We seem to be more wired for action than ever before. With never ending ‘to-do’ lists and with thoughts that bombard us incessantly (even more so at 3am!) it’s easy to understand why. And we are not the only ones that may find it difficult to drift off – our kids too may need some help to process the activities and emotions of the day and wind down for much needed sleep time. Not to mention those imaginery spiders and shadows in the dark that create anxious feelings for little ones.

I love essential oils because they just make life easier in so many different ways. Here are the essential oils that I’ve found work a treat to calm the nervous system and help support healthy sleep habits.

1. Lavender 
No surprise here! Lavender is a well known for its calming and relaxing properties. One of the best tests for how an essential oil is going to make you feel is to simply smell it. Your reaction is the best guide as to how your body will respond. Lavender is a such a popular oil because it is safe to use on all ages and stages of life.

2. Frankincense
Frankincense is my all time favourite oil. Its scent evokes feelings of protection and strength. It is perfect for balancing the emotions, calming the mind chatter and supporting the body’s natural response to healing. It calms the nervous system and promotes a deep sense of relaxation.

3. Cedarwood  
Cedarwood has a woody, earthy scent so it’s no surprise that it helps to ground and calm the mind. If the smell is too overpowering in a diffuser or rubbed on to the back of the neck pop a couple of drops on to the bottom of your feet. Cedarwood essential oil supports healthy function of the pineal gland which releases melatonin – the body’s natural sleepy hormones.

4. Vetiver 
Vetiver essential oil is distinctively earthy – it is derived from the root of the plant and has a thick, rich texture. It is known as the oil of centering, helping bring one back down to earth and feel more rooted in life. It is deeply calming and blends beautifully with Lavender.

5. Roman Chamomile 
Roman Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm children. Chamomile tea is a popular tea to drink just prior to bed to help calm and relax. It is gentle and safe to use and helps relieve anxious or irritable feelings.


I love to put a couple of drops of essential oil into a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Coconut and then apply the oil to the back of my neck, bottoms of feet or inside of the wrists. Allow a few minutes for the essential oils to absorb. With the oil left over on my hands I cup them over my nose and inhale. This is immediately relaxing. If you are using the highest quality essential oils (which is actually imperative to receive the benefits) it is okay to apply the oil directly to the skin. * Of course, if your skin does react, cease using the oil.

You can simply put essential oils into the palms of your hands, rub them together, cup over your nose and take several deep breaths.

Another effective way to inhale the benefits of the oils is to create an essential oil mist. Alternatively, use our Combardis Peaceful Sleep Mist (with a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Vanilla). Close your eyes, take a deep breath and spray the mist over your face and body. You may also mist your pillow and sheets to create a beautiful soothing and relaxing space.

I also love to use a diffuser. This is a beautiful way to create a calm, relaxing bedroom space. Turn the diffuser on about 10 minutes before going into the bedroom for the ultimate effect! Using a diffuser allows you to create your own sleepy time blend.

Remember to use the oils that resonate with you. If you don’t like a particular scent it’s not going to help you relax or feel calm.

Here are a few tips that I’ve also found useful during periods of ‘light on’ sleep:

Yogic breathing – left nostril
Did you know that simply breathing through you left nostril (lightly closing the right with your finger) helps support relaxation?

Left nostril breathing activates the nerve ending in the left nostril which relates to calmness and relaxation. Right nostril breathing activates the nerve ending in the right nostril which relates to alertness and activity.

If you are having trouble getting off to sleep or back to sleep simply roll on to your right side to help activate the nerve ending in your left nostril.

Let the thoughts go …
When the thoughts that tend to keep us awake come … simply acknowledge them and let them pass [like clouds floating across the sky]. Become the silent observer of the thoughts without getting attached to them – and the dramas that often come with them! I understand this is a practice so it may take some time to lean into this.

If you really do need to get something on to paper, have a notebook beside your bed and get the thoughts down. This way your mind doesn’t have to keep repeating the thoughts to remember them. 🙂

Minimise screen time just before bed
In my experience I find that trying to sleep within about 30 minutes of being on a backlit screen is fraught with difficulty – adults and children alike! And it’s not just the screen itself, it’s the stimulating nature of texting and the mind’s response to what is happening on the screen. Our nervous system needs some wind down time before settling into sleep for the night.

Create a wind down ritual
Enjoying a bath with essential oils and magnesium salts is pure bliss for some. Even a foot bath with a few drops of essential oils and magnesium salts is extremely effective. Allow any tension to wash through the body and into the water. The oils and magnesium will absorb into your blood stream through your feet – bringing an instant sense of calm and relaxation. The kids love this little ritual also. Although it may sounds a little strange, it can be a really light hearted way to spend some time together in the evening and chat about the events of the day in a calm and engaging way – being completely present. Find a wind down ritual that works for you – whatever feels right for you will be the right thing to do.

There is so much more information available on this topic – I’d love to hear your thoughts. What works for you and what is not working for you?!

Wishing you peaceful sleep …

Karen X


Essential oils for busy Mums

I know – I get it … most people reading this post will be too busy to even look at the text below. There is a great temptation just to scan and skip. There are plenty of other messages waiting in your inbox deserving of your attention also. There is your social media feed which is a complete distraction from all of the things you are ‘meant’ to be doing. You are balancing kids activities, feeling guilty you are not giving them enough attention, feeling guilty that another week has passed by and you haven’t followed your exercise plan yet again, feeling guilty because when you take a moment for yourself you feel you ‘should’ be doing something else, you have demands to be ‘here’ when you want to be ‘there’ and the list goes on and on and on.

For a moment – just take a long deep breath in – hold for a few seconds – and then exhale. Then, go out on a limb and do it one more time! Observe how just taking this brief moment, slows everything down just a little.

I believe that amidst the ‘busyness’ we are drawn to the things we need the most. I often wonder – did I choose essential oils or did they choose me?! Whatever the answer, I’m grateful that essential oils are a part of my life – they support me (and my family) every single day. It excites me when others discover just how powerful oils are too. Part of it is the holistic nature of essential oils, they are 100% pure plant extracts derived from nature – they not only awaken the senses, they awaken the soul. Some people experience immediate positive results – others notice profound changes in their lives over time.

“Do the best that you can. Until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”  Maya Angelou

I love this quote! We are all on a journey doing the best we can with what we have.

I have created below (long overdue!), an essential oils reference guide for busy Mums seeking a little more calm, clarity and positivity in their everyday (and come back to it if you don’t have time right now).

When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed:

  • Lavender. Lavender is the oil of calm (often known as the Swiss army knife of oils!). It helps calm and relax the nervous system and may be used aromatically and topically. Add a few drops to your diffuser or apply to your wrists and behind your ears. Add a few drops to the palm of your hand, cup your hands and then take a deep breath, then place your hands on your heart or on the back of your neck.
  • Harmony Aromatic Mist (Combardis). Spray the mist over the crown of your head. Breathe the scent in deeply and repeat the affirmation “I am connected to a deep sense of peace within me.” Use at the first sign of any stressful situation – this may be just trying to get the kids out the door to school in the morning!
  • Citrus Oils. Citrus oils such as Lemon, Wild Orange and Bergamot are incredible to diffuse in the room to lesson heightened tension.
  • Clary Calm (doTERRA roller blend). A blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood that promotes calming but also supports a healthy hormonal balance. Roll onto pulse points (like wrists and behind the ears) and belly during your moon cycle.
  • Vetiver. Vetiver is an exotic, earthy essential oil that is extremely grounding and calming. It is used widely in perfumes. Apply to your wrists and behind the ears or add just a drop to a diffuser blend of Lavender and Wild Orange.

When you (and your family) need quality sleep:

  • Lavender. Diffuse in the bedroom or massage into the soles of the feet. Children often love a few drops of Lavender massaged along the length of their spine just before bed. For greater intensity add Frankincense (a deeply grounding and centering oil) and/or Vetiver to the diffuser blend.
  • Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist (Combardis). A blend of Lavender, Vanilla, Patchouli and Cedarwood essential oils promote a deep and restful sleep. Lightly spray your pillow, then close your eyes and spray a fine mist over your head and shoulders, take a deep breath and allow the stresses of the day to dissolve.

When you want to feel energised:

  • Peppermint. Inhaling Peppermint awakens the senses. Its scent is invigorating and brings joy to the mind, body and spirit. It is known as the oil of a buoyant heart. It is also great for headaches, temperature regulation and for calming upset tummies. It is a beautiful morning diffuser blend with Wild Orange.
  • Clarity Aromatic Mist (Combardis). An infusion of Peppermint, Rosemary and Citrus Oils. Great for work/study, focus and an afternoon ‘pick me up’.
  • Motivate (doTERRA blend).A blend of Peppermint, Coriander, Clementine, Basil, Rosemary and Vanilla. Set your intention and stay focused on all that you need to do (and maybe don’t want to do!).

When you want to feel inspired:

  • Wild Orange. Wild Orange is uplifting and optimistic. It supports a positive mood and is the oil of abundance, spontaneity and fun. Diffuse on its own or with Cinnamon and Lime oils.
  • Highest Potential Aromatic Mist (Combardis). Dissolve self limiting beliefs and strive to the best version of you. Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Patchouli and Citrus Oils combine to uplift and inspire. Spray a fine mist over the crown of your head and breathe the scent in deeply. Use frequently throughout the day.
  • Elevation (doTERRA blend). Soothe your heart, overcome feelings of despair and inspire happiness. Diffuse or wear as a perfume – applying the oil behind the ears, on wrists and over the heart.

When you need to focus:

  • Lemon. Known as the oil of focus. Diffuse to feel engaged and alert. From here, anything is possible! Also apply to wrists and temples.
  • InTune (doTERRA roller blend). When you have a list of 100 things you think you need to do and know you can only focus on one at a time! This one is also great for kids at homework time. A blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile essential oils.

To create a simple yet effective self-care practice:

  • Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for the heart. It helps move us out of our head and into a space of “heart knowing”- a place of connectedness where we can more easily access our intuition. Place a couple of drops of Ylang Ylang into a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut or jojoba and use as a body moisturiser. Use after showering and take a moment to express kindness and gratitude to yourself. Throughout the day apply a couple of drops over the heart. Ylang Ylang is a deeply feminine oil that awakens you to your Goddess power!
  • Love Aromatic Mist (Combardis). A blend of Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Bergamot help nurture a connection of self love and acceptance. Simply Mist, Breathe and BE.

For calm kids:

  • Lavender & Lavender Peace (doTERRA blend). Diffuse these oils in kids rooms about 30 minutes before going to bed to set a calm tone. Adding Lavender drops to the bath is also a beautiful way to promote winding down at the end of a busy day. We also diffuse Lavender with Wild Orange in living areas in the early evening before bed-time.
  • Calmer Kids Aromatic Mist (Combardis). A blend of Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Cedarwood, Bergamot and Frankincense oils to reduce irritability and create a positive and comforting space. Spray a fine mist over your little one and encourage them to take a slow, deep breath.

For a healthy family:

  • Easy Air (doTERRA blend).A beautiful combination of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Peppermint that assists in supporting the respiratory system. This can be diffused in a room or bedroom overnight, as well as rubbed diluted on chest and feet for respiratory concerns, coughs, colds and seasonal allergies.
  • Tea Tree.Tea Tree is a great infection buster due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apply topically to skin breakouts and diffuse to help stop the spread of germs between family members.
  • Oregano and OnGuard (doTERRA blend).  This is a powerful combo used to fight off cold and flu bugs. Apply on the soles of the feet to boost the immune system. Use at the first sign of illness and even daily during the cold, winter months or when illness is prevalent at school/work. Oregano is known as nature’s very own antibiotic.
  • Digestzen (doTERRA blend). A go-to blend to aid digestion. It helps bring harmony to the digestive system. Use for constipation, gas and bloating. After over indulging apply to the stomach, add a drop to water or apply under the tongue. The blend includes oils well known for their digestive properties; Anise, Peppermint, Ginger, Carraway, Coriander, Tarragon and Fennel oils.
  • Ice Blue (doTERRA blend). A natural alternative to the traditional ‘deep heat’. This effective combination of oils helps sore and fatigued muscles (works well for prevention too), it also helps period cramping and even growing pains.
  • A powerful grounding oil that also helps regenerate healthy skin cells. Dilute in a carrier-oil such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil and apply to the face and body.

The recommendations above are based on using pure 100% essential oils only. Pure essential oils bring harmony to the mind and body as they are extracted in a way that maintains the integrity and life force of the plant. The divine intelligence that creates harmony in nature works to create harmony in our body. And, when Mum feels harmony it goes without saying that the rest of the household benefits!

When you use essential oils you are also reducing toxicity in your home. Toxic chemicals wreak havoc with our immune system, hormones and overall body chemistry.

Consider integrating essential oils into your wellness toolkit. Feel supported, uplifted and inspired!!

With love,



Gratitude is a powerful force

Over 20 years ago I travelled to Nepal with my dear friend Jacqui. After trekking and white water rafting we visited the remote village of Bardia in Western Nepal – to try and spot a tiger! It was in Bardia that Jacqui’s boyfriend (now husband) almost lost his life due to a medical emergency. The local villagers helped to get us all out of Bardia and into Kathmandu where the ‘foreigner’ was able to have life saving surgery. One person in particular, a young boy with his bicycle, and a second bicycle he had sourced for Jacqui, was critical to getting help and assistance.

This young boy grew up and started a school for the local children in his living room – he is now the Principal of the Bardia Memorial School. Jacqui’s pledge is to honour the community that helped saved her husband’s life and in doing so, contribute to the development of facilities at Bardia Memorial School to educate all children in the local community from pre-school to Year 12.

I believe in the power of kindness and the generosity of the human spirit to bring about positive change and opportunities for all and so it is a privilege to be involved in this project. Next April, I will travel to Nepal with Jacqui and a group of awesome teenagers. My teenage daughter Livi will be one of them! We will be going to assist with projects at the school and our group of teens will have the opportunity to teach classes at the school.

Gratitude is a powerful force when it comes to creating magic. Hearts open and suddenly everything is possible.

Critical to the success of this project is to raise AU$40,000 in the next 6 weeks to establish facilities at the school by the end of this year. This will enable the older children to stay at the school and be educated through to Year 12. Offering educational opportunities to this community not only creates a brighter future, it reduces the risk of these children being lured away from their families and trafficked across the boarder into India. The reality is – this is happening every single day and the number of children affected has increased 5 fold in the last 5 years.

Every heart has the opportunity to change lives.

To donate to these beautiful children and the community of Bardia please click on the link below. I have created a ‘Friends of Combardis’ campaign page. If this project resonates with you please create your own campaign page for friends, family, community and school groups.

*** Bright Futures of Bardia – Donate here ***

Until the end of this campaign Combardis will donate $5 for every mist sold!!

Jacqui Holth, founder of the Adventurous Life Project and Ky Furneaux, stunt woman and survival expert will be visiting the school next week to meet with the team who will help bring this project to life on the ground.

Follow their travels and the entire project by following @brightfuturesofbardia on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to find a place in your heart for these very special people.

With love and gratitude,



Letting go and letting flow

When dreams come true to spend time in Provence – the home of aromatherapy and magical, lush lavender fields! The magic was finding this lavender field without even having to look for it. Isn’t this the magic of life? When we let go of what we can’t control, open our hearts and trust the universe.

The universe speaks: “Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” – Klaus Joehle



“I am inspired to be the best version of me.”

How do you feel inspired every day to be the best version of you?

My practice is to embrace these simple yet powerful teachings.

To know that we are enough in every breath that we take.

When we feel unease, stress and a feeling of ‘less than’ we can unconsciously hold our breath. Yet, we know our breath is essential to oxygenating our mind, body, spirit and life. Take time to consciously take several deep breaths and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and release old patterns.

When you feel negative emotions towards yourself learn to catch those thoughts and remind yourself that you are enough, you know enough and you have enough. Learn to practice self compassion so that you are able to love and accept yourself for who you are and not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.

To know that when we connect with our heart we are connected to the divine one heart.

Take moments of stillness to connect into your heart, place your hands on your heart and in a moment of stillness ask your heart for messages of love and strength. Love heals and when we tune into our hearts we allow love to flow, we connect with the divine one heart …. universal love.

When we fill our heart with love, joy and compassion, we know we are enough, we are inspired to be the best version of ourselves and the universe conspires to support us in every way.

The essential oils of Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Geranium, Sweet Orange and Lime used in Highest Potential Aromatic Mist, combine to help open the heart and remove self limiting beliefs.

Simply close your eyes, spray the mist lightly over the crown of your head and body and take a deep cleansing breath.

Mist … Breathe … Be

All my love,



Finding Stillness

How often is the question asked … how does one live an outer life filled with peace and joy? I have learned that the key for me is to find stillness within. Cultivating an inner state of peace is a practice. It often means finding the tools that work for you. Start by taking a deep breathe and noticing this moment, right now.

Coming soon will be a page dedicated to the resources I have used and continue to use to find stillness and meaning in this world of ours.

In the meantime continue to mist, breathe and just be. Take a moment for you to be supported by the gift of natural essential oils and the gift of your breath.

“In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair.” – Howard Thurman



Finding clarity in our fast paced lives can often prove to be a challenge.

Allowing ourselves space to create moments of stillness can feel indulgent when there are so many things to ‘do’. However it is precisely when we feel overwhelmed and busy that we benefit enormously from moments of stillness. Simply pausing to take a long, deep and cleansing breath slows down the nervous system resulting in a more calm and relaxed state.

Pausing to take a deep breath is a mindfulness practice as it involves paying attention to the present moment.

Mindful moments help us to create space in our lives, softness in our body and clarity of mind. Mindfulness also helps us to slow down a little and appreciate the ‘little things’ – the things that make life worth living.

To create a mindful moment and inspire clarity simply close your eyes, spray the mist lightly over the crown of your head and body and take a deep cleansing breath.

I allow my mind to be still and the way forward becomes clear.